24K Magic is the upcoming 3rd studio album by United states singer Bruno Mars. It really is set to be released upon November 18, 2016, through Atlantic Records. Its name track was released as the album’s lead single on Oct 7, 2016.

After closing the Moonshine Jungle Trip, Mars began working on their third studio album “Now it’s time to start composing chapter 3”. He had not come up with a date for the launch, stating “Until it’s done” and “It’s gotta become just as good if not better”. Previously, the singer-songwriter had been interviewed by that’s Shanghai in china and gave some information on the new album, confirming Tag Ronson and Jeff Bhasker as producers. “I wish to write better songs, I wish to put on better shows, I would like to make better music videos. I want the next album to be much better than the first and the second. inch The singer has been in the actual studio with engineer Charles Moniz, who called this “the next movement associated with Bruno” and confirmed the particular album was close to becoming finished on February 2016. Rolling Stone ranked Mars’ third album as one of the twenty most anticipated of 2016. Mars’ father confirmed typically the album was set to end up being released in March and 7 songs have already been recorded, however his son’s appearance in the Super Bowl halftime display led to the release being delayed for several months.

Mars has been around the studio with Skrillex. The latter said “what we’re doing is so f–king different, awesome and next degree and sounds like nothing otherwise that’s happened before”. Within interview Skrillex claimed “Who knows if I’ll take action that’s more of a Skrillex point with him, but they have a vision for his or her album, and I’m assisting him produce it on the songs”. Mars has additionally played some of his brand new songs to Missy Elliot. Jamareo Artis of The Hooligans, disclosed that he has been working within the album for about a year, “trying different ideas and experimenting”. He furthered, “it’s likely to have a new sound… the fabric is very groove-oriented”, set to always be released this year. Andrew Wyatt, who was involved in Mars’ earlier studio albums, has been in often the studio.

In an interview along with Carson Daly, Mars says there were no features around the album, including his use Skrillex, as it was not carried out time for the album’s discharge. The singer has also verified to be working with Babyface on the song and the recording getting influenced by late 80’s and early 90’s.