When You Translate ’24K Magic’ Into Bahasa Malaysia

What goes on when you translate English tracks into Bahasa Malaysia? Nicely, you get atrocious lyrics for example “dua puluh empat lobak magik di udara*”, “kau boleh simpan berus gigi di tempat ku**” or even “tarik cadar dari sudut***”.

Yeah, they sound quite ridiculous but whaddaya understand, the fellas at MGAG sure know how to make it work.

Their own video, Hit Songs Within Bahasa Malaysia, posted on MGAG’s Facebook page on Mar 30, garnered over eight hundred, 000 views in just seventeen hours! *happy clap*

MGAG is the Malaysian branch of the actual highly popular SGAG through Singapore. It produces material that … well, ideally make people laugh.

MGAG nation manager Lau Mun Yee (featured in the video performing Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of A person … or should all of us say Bentuk Kau? ) says that they are happy to place a smile on Malaysians’ encounters on a Friday, because that could hopefully lead to an awesome weekend break. Aww … how nice.

“MGAG publishes a new movie every day. We create material that are relevant to Malaysians, and that we thought that this video might speak to everyone, ” states Lau.

The 3-minute (and 30 seconds, if we are being truly particular) video also functions English to BM tracks like Bruno Mars’ Grenade, The Weeknd’s Starboy, Maroon 5’s Sugar and Celine Dion’s My Heart Should go On.

Even funnier compared to translated lyrics are the expression of the “singers” who place their heart and soul into the song sound believable. Check out the Raja Bomoh impersonation in one of the clips, it’s very LOL-worthy.

The MGAG team includes video lead Toby Soh (who sings the actual BM version of The Chainsmoker’s Closer) and content strategist Adzrin Mansor (who sings the BM version associated with Coldplay’s Fix You).

It took a little time for about a week for the group to conceptualise the idea — from translating the words of the tune, and working on the before and post video creation.

“Everything was done utilizing in-house talents. We do not have any budget, so we simply used what we could for your props and costumes, ” adds Lau.

The team simply hopes that it wouldn’t enter into any copyright issues because they have used the original background music.

“We don’t know how this functions. Hopefully they won’t take our own video down, but I would like to also point out that people have identified the original track titles and singers within the video. ”
* “24 karat magic in the air” (24K Magic, Bruno Mars)

** “You could keep a toothbrush at my place” (Toothbrush, DNCE)

*** “Pull the actual sheets right off the corner” (Closer, The Chainsmokers)

‘Closer’ by The Chainsmokers


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